Wills & Trusts 101

It is never too early to start thinking about preserving your assets. I can help you to plan for your future needs, including:
• Preparing a will
• Creating a living trust
• Developing a living will
• Creating power(s) of attorney
A will is important to establish how you want your assets distributed and who will be appointed as guardian of your children. In California, a will permits a person to determine what will happen to their assets and debts upon their death. Some issues addressed in most wills are:
• The appointment of an executor or executrix;
• A plan of distribution that may include specific transfers (bequests) to individuals, entities or charities as well as the distribution of assets to heirs and other beneficiaries of the estate;
• The creation of trusts; and
• Instructions on whether to sell or retain real estate interests.
For many reasons, if you are recently divorced you will want to change an existing will. Also, you will want to change any existing power of attorney which nominates your ex-spouse, and any existing trusts in which your ex-spouse appears. 
If you have lost a member of your family and the estate is in probate, it is important to enlist the help of an attorney to resolve all issues. Our office will work with you to find the most efficient solution. During your initial consultation we will discuss all aspects of the probate process and how it relates to your case.
When the estate of a family member goes through the probate process, it can take quite a while and other family members can make the process challenging. As you are coping with the loss of your family member, the legal details may seem overwhelming. How complex or simple your probate matter is will depend on the estate. The level of complexity depends on the particular circumstances of each estate. Our office will help you handle the probate process, so you are able to deal with your loss.